High Ponytail with Bump/Poof

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a simple ponytail. I wear this style to the games I cheer for and competitions. Hope you guys like it!

For this style you will need:
teasing comb
bobby pins
hair tie
bow (optional)

Follow these
Step 1: Section off bangs and tease enough to form a poof.

Step 2: Smooth poof over with comb and place bobby pins on the sides of the poof. (They should end up meeting in the middle of the poof)

Step 3: Tease the rest of your hair. (This adds a little volume to your ponytail)

Step 4: Comb hair back. Then tie with the hair tie.

Step 5 (optional): Place bow close to the ponytail and tease the ponytail as well)

Category: Long hair